LESCO Detects 95,950 Power Pilferers in 270 Days

LESCO Detects 95,950 Power Pilferers in 270 Days

As a local business owner in Lahore, the recent crackdown on electricity theft by the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) has been a double-edged sword for us. On one hand, it’s heartening to see measures being taken against widespread electricity theft which has long plagued our community, impacting service reliability and inflating costs for honest consumers like myself.

On the other hand, the operational disruptions during these grand anti-power theft campaigns have brought unexpected challenges.

LESCO Detects 95,950 Power Pilferers in 270 Days

Each day, as LESCO officers raid various locations to cut off illegal connections, our area experiences intermittent power outages. These aren’t just minor inconveniences; they halt production, disrupt our operations, and affect our bottom line. Just yesterday, a sudden power cut left us unable to complete a large order on time, disappointing our customers and denting our reputation.

Moreover, the fear of being mistakenly accused is palpable among the business community. The severity of LESCO’s actions, including FIR applications against tens of thousands and the arrest of thousands, sends a clear message, but it also instills a sense of caution and fear. We double-check our connections, ensure all our paperwork is flawless, and maintain constant contact with LESCO officials to avoid any misunderstanding.

Despite these challenges, I support the campaign’s goal. Electricity theft is a major issue that not only costs the state millions but also puts additional financial pressure on law-abiding citizens. The initiative by Engineer Shahid Haider, CEO of LESCO, to supervise these operations personally is commendable. It’s crucial, however, that these efforts are carried out with a balanced approach that minimizes disruptions to legitimate businesses.

LESCO’s vow to continue the operations without discrimination until the complete end of electricity theft is ambitious and necessary. As part of the affected community, I hope that the long-term benefits of this campaign will outweigh the short-term hurdles we are currently facing. Ensuring a reliable power supply is fundamental to the economic stability and growth of our region. Here’s to hoping for a future where power equity is not just an ideal, but a reality.

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