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LESCO, the Lahore Electricity Supply Company, is one of the largest electricity suppliers in Pakistan. It distributes electricity in areas including Lahore, Okara, Nankana, and Sheikhupura. Due to the increasing inflation in Pakistan, the electricity sector has also been affected by inflation, resulting in higher unit prices.

The use of air conditioners and other appliances leads to higher electric bills. Therefore, it becomes imperative to keep a close eye on your consumption and make efforts to control your bills after calculating them online. In Pakistan, LESCO calculates bills based on factors such as the number of units consumed, meter type, and various other considerations.

Some technical terms are used to estimate the electricity bill. In this article, to help you better understand the process, we’ll familiarize you with these terms before you use the LESCO bill calculator. With the help of this online bill calculator, estimating your bill becomes much easier.

What is LESCO Bill

The Wapda electricity bill is the electricity bill for people living in and around Lahore, which covers outlying districts. LESCO stands for Lahore Electric Supply Company, and they’re the ones in charge of making sure we all get our power in these areas.

How Does Online Bill Calculator Works

If you’ve got a rough idea of how many units you’ve used, you can check and calculate your LESCO bill online. With the LESCO bill calculator online, you can easily figure out an estimate of your electricity bill. Count your units, and you’ll get a quick estimate of your electricity cost.

This LESCO bill calculation tool works super-fast; you’ll get the cost per unit as soon as you input the data. This means you can quickly find out the LESCO bill rate per unit, as well as the total bill for different consumption levels, like 300 units, 400 units, or any other number of units you want to check.

Note– Please note that the amount of bill you calculate may vary with the actual bill amount.

LESCO Bill Calculator

Attention Please! Some technical terms should be in your knowledge before checking your LESCO bills. Here are the points.

Step 1– Knowledge About your Connection Type

The first thing you should know about your connection type. If you don’t, worry not you can check it through your electricity bill.

Types of LESCO Tariff

To calculate bills online with accuracy you must choose your related tariff in the calculator. Choosing the right option leads to accurate results.


Step 2Choose Your Phase Type

Now, you’ll need to choose one of the following options

Single Phase
Three Phase

Single Phase

Single-phase electric meters are typically installed in our homes and operate at voltages ranging from 230 to 240 volts. These meters are connected via two wires, known as the active and neutral wires.

Three Phase

Three-phase electric meters are deployed in locations with high power demands, such as commercial and industrial settings. These meters are connected using three active wires and a neutral wire at voltages ranging from 410 to 430 volts.

 Step 3Number of Units Consumed

At this point, you must provide the quantity of units you have consumed within a month. You are presented with the flexibility to enter this figure in one of three different formats as listed below.

Kilowatt Hour (kWH)

A kilowatt-hour (kWh) represents the amount of energy consumed by electric appliances with a power rating of one kilowatt (KW) over one hour. In simpler terms, it indicates that your household electric appliances consume one kilowatt of energy within one hour.

Kilovolt Amperes Reactive Hours (KVARH)

A kilovolt-ampere (kVA) is employed to gauge the power rating of heavy-duty electrical appliances.

Maximum Demand Indicator (MDI)

A maximum demand indicator assesses the amount of energy a consumer consumes at a specific point in time.

Step 4 – Unit Price in Different Hours

Furthermore, you will notice that there are two distinct types of unit fields positioned just below each of the aforementioned input fields.

Off-Peak hours

Off-peak hours signify periods during which electricity consumption is lower compared to the peak hours. These hours occur when demand is reduced, and they typically have a lower rate of electricity usage than peak hours

Peak hours

Peak hours refer to specific times of the day when the cost per unit rate for electricity becomes elevated, typically lasting for about four to five hours. During these hours, energy consumption also tends to be significantly higher compared to the rest of the day.

Step 5Meter Rent

The next step is, to fill the required field of meter rent if it is applicable.


The term ‘meter rent’ refers to the fee charged to customers every quarter, which is intended to cover the expenses associated with the meter

Step 6Service Rent

You’ve to fill in the next Service Rent field if it is mandatory.


The service rent is kilowatt-hour-based volumetric charge pertains to the cost incurred for delivering electricity to your residence, encompassing the utilization of local wires and other associated equipment.

Step 7Your Area Of Supply

Put your electricity supply area in the field.

Step 8 –  TV Sets Under Usage

Next, please input the total number of television sets you have in use. You can choose from a dropdown menu with options for up to 9 TV sets.

Step 9Tax Exemptions

There are a few additional fields provided. You can select or deselect them as needed.

  • STRN Available
  • Sales Tax for Retailers Exempt
  • ED Exempt
  • GST Exempt
  • IT Exempt
  • E-Tax Exempt
  • Additional Sales Tax to Marble and Granite Industry

How to Use Online LESCO Bill Calculator

To estimate bills using the LESCO bill calculator, you should input the following information in the online Bill Calculator.

Meter Reading

Input the meter reading from your previous bill or the current reading on your meter.

Rate Per Unit

Provide the rate per unit, as indicated on your bill (typically in Rs/kWh).

Total kWh Consumed: Calculate the total kilowatt-hours (kWh) consumed for the specified period (e.g., for a monthly electricity bill, select 30 days and multiply the values mentioned above to determine the total kWh used).

LESCO Bill Calculation Formula

The LESCO bill calculation formula is:

Monthly Electricity Bill = Watt Hours x Price per Kilowatt Hour (kWh)

LESCO Bill Calculation Method

Since 1 unit is equivalent to 1 kWh, 

The total kWh can be calculated as follows: 

1000 W x 24 Hours x 30 Days = 720,000 watt-hours. 

To convert this to kWh, simply divide 720,000 by 1000, resulting in 720 kWh

The total monthly average consumption amounts to 720 kWh. With an estimated unit cost of approximately 20 PKR, you can calculate the total cost using the formula provided above:

                                       Monthly Electricity Bill= 720*20= 14400

Therefore, the approximate monthly bill average would be 14400.

Bonus Tip – If you’re a non-filer consumer, a 7.5% tax is added to your bill every month, resulting in an increase in your electricity bill. To confirm whether this 7.5% tax amount has been added to your bill or not, you can verify your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) at PITC (Power Information Technology Company). Visit the official website of PITC and update your CNIC in the required fields.


We’ve provided comprehensive guidance for every field in the LESCO Bill calculator. Once you’ve input all the necessary details, simply click the submit button, and you’ll receive an estimated amount for your LESCO Bill online. This electricity bill calculator is designed to give you a rough estimate of your monthly charges. It helps calculate the electricity cost but doesn’t factor in taxes.
Wapda taxes can vary and depend on various factors, including governmental decisions, surcharge calculations, or any new policy revisions, which may also impact your monthly bill. Therefore, after calculating your bill using this tool, we recommend waiting for your official online bill or a hard copy from LESCO to get the most accurate and up-to-date information.