LESCO Peak Hours – Electricity Unit Peak Hours in Pakistan

Are you inquisitive about getting substantial information on LESCO’s peak hours? If yes, this post will familiarize you with the details you require. To obtain significant information about the specific time when your meter runs faster using the LESCO energy supply, keep on reading.  Everyone needs to have adequate details regarding electricity hours in the era of inflation where the prices of units are rising day by day. Therefore, it’s become a necessity for people to make an effort to keep on close eye on the hours while utilizing energy.

Lahore Electrical Supply Company LESCO benefits 5 million people by supplying electricity to different divisions in Lahore. However, various citizens aren’t aware of LESCO’s peak hours, and in these hours how to use electricity in a manageable way. Every consumer of electricity must know about its peak hours. In this regard, this article going to deliver a better understanding. Trust me, this information will assist you satisfactorily by enhancing your daily routines. Well, without any delay of time let’s move further with priceless information.

What are the LESCO’s Peak Hours

Similar to other electricity supply companies, LESCO has some peak hours in the day. LESCO peak hours mean the hours of the day when the price of 1 unit becomes 2X as compared to other hours of the day. Usually, 6 pm to 10 pm are considered the peak hours. Due to the demand of high supply, this fluctuation in prices happens.

LESCO Peak/Off-Peak Hours

MonthOff-Peak Hours TimePeak Hours TimePer 1 Unit Amount
March -May11 pm -5 pm6 pm- 10 pm34.39 per 1 unit kw
June-August12 am- 6 pm7 pm- 11 pm34.39 per 1 unit kw
September – November11 pm- 5 pm6 pm – 10 pm28.07 per 1 unit kw

LESCO Peak/Off-Peak Rates Per Unit  for Other Users

User CategoryPeak Hours Rate per unitOff-Peak Rates per unit
Commercial users ( peak load less than 5kw)Rs.36.64 per unitRs. 30.67 per unit
Industrial user (B1 category )Rs. 32.98 per unit Rs. 27.42 per unit
Industrial user (B2 category )Rs. 32.92 per unit  Rs. 27. 12  per unit
Industrial user (B3 category )Rs. 32.92 per unit  Rs. 27.12  per unit
Industrial user (B4 category )Rs. 32.92 per unit Rs. 27.02  per unit
Agricultural Tube-well usersRs. 32.64 per unit  Rs. 25. 39 per unit

LESCO Peak Hours ( Efficient Ways of Utilizing )

Don’t forget to keep in mind the peak hours timing of LESCO. With such extensively increasing prices of electricity,  there are multiple ways to lessen your burden by adopting various manners. You need to add the following things to your daily routine:

  • During peak hours of LESCO, don’t use high-voltage appliances such as AC, or iron your clothes because these things could be the sources of your overbilling if you use them during these hours.
  • Always remember not to wash clothes using the washing machine, or take long baths.
  • Make sure you’re not using extra lights during these hours.
  • Build the habit of not watching TV at peak hours.

Be wiser by adopting the above-mentioned instructions to utilize the LESCO peak hours, and then see the magic.


If the residential users of LESCO units cross above 500 then, they have to pay Rs. 32.01 per unit.

The off-peak hours of LESCO mean when the rate of electricity per unit remains normal rather than peak hours, and the supply-demand is not high during these hours. Usually, these contain 20 hours of the day.

Although in Pakistan, the rate of electricity per unit fluctuates many times, it depends upon the government to order NEPRA to increase the price of units.  Sometimes it changes monthly, and sometimes remains the same.


All in all, LESCO (Lahore Electricity Supply Company) has certain peak hours in which electricity rates become high. I’ve aforementioned the meaningful details to help you save plenty of money monthly by utilizing these hours wisely. No doubt, in the increasing inflation era people seek the easiest ways to at least reduce their electricity bills to comfort themselves. You need to follow the timing of these hours to save your wallet.

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