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Are you looking for a source to get the latest information regarding electricity? Get yourself registered at LESCO SMS registration alert services to be updated timely. In this article, we’ll discuss how to avail the instant updating opportunity proposed by Lahore Electrical Supply Company for its customers through SMS registration.

The registration process for LESCO SMS is quite effortless. However, it’s a convenient way to be aware of the latest information about electricity. This article gives you easy steps to register at LESCO SMS Service. No suspicion, it is better to be in the light of awareness rather than in the darkness of unawareness.

Consumer Friendly – LESCO SMS Registration Alert Service

Lahore Electrical Supply Company has established a service, named “LESCO SMS Alert Service” for the ease of its customers. This service alerts citizens about upcoming events such as schedule of load shedding, bill reminders, and other useful information. This is a great endeavor by the side of LESCO which is hassle-free.

Well, LESCO via SMS Alert Service assists its customers amazingly, primarily focused on providing updates instantly related to electricity from time to time. This service notifies you free of cost so, what are waiting for, get registered quickly. Then continue reading to be among the beneficial, and follow the below-mentioned SMS activation procedure.

Procedure For LESCO SMS Alert Service Registration

This section gives insight into the steps of LESCO SMS Service registration. However, there are two methods by following the customers can register themselves. Remember, you don’t need to pay an extra surcharge, because it’s a LESCO obligation to facilitate the clients. This article will inform you about steps that are simple to follow to reach an exact destination.

Registration Types

  • Registration online by using the LESCO website
  • Registration via Mobile SMS

Online LESCO SMS Alert Service Registration

Follow the steps to get quick registration.

  • Visit the LESCO website page.
  • Firstly, select the option of the given service such as “Email only, SMS only, and Both”.
  • Secondly, enter your 7-digit customer ID without spaces.
  • Thirdly, write your mobile number.
  • Then, enter your email address.
  • Press the submit option.

After accurately following the steps, you’ll get an assurance message from the LESCO about your service registration.

LESCO SMS Alert Service Registration via Mobile

For this registration, you’ll have to pay the message charges. However, chargers don’t apply when you get status information or any electrical-related news. Follow the steps accordingly.

  • Open your mobile messaging app
  • Then, type Reg <space>, and enter <customer ID>.
  • Send this text to 8303

Once you have done so, It will take some to proceed with your application. After a while, you’ll receive a confirmation letter. From now on, you’ll be updated freely. The sending message will charge RS .2 with taxes.

Usefulness of LESCO SMS Alert Service

There are various benefits of LESCO SMS alert notifications. Everyone should register as a citizen because this service is as night as rain. Mostly, people become exhausted when their calling is not responded to by the LESCO office, particularly during an electricity outage. In this regard, as a subscriber to the LESCO SMS alert services assists you a lot such as:

  • Timely, send reminders about the due date of the LESCO electricity bill. So that, you can’t waste your money by paying fines after the due date.
  • Inform you about your meter reading.
  • Send you the load-shedding schedule. It will alert you, and you can store the water for usage and do other household work before the electricity is gone.
  • Send you a message about your payment confirmation.

In addition, this service is valuable by all means to facilitate the citizens properly.


There are useful benefits to registering on LESCO SMS Alert Service including providing substantial information such as billing reminders, and sending alert messages about load shedding.

If you want to get a notification about your meter reading from time to time monthly, register yourself at LESCO which is a reliable service for customers.


With the modern advancement in technology, LESCO supplies you with useful information regarding electricity billing, updating you immediately, and significantly playing a vital role in reducing your stress freely. Never miss out on this chance and register now to get considerable benefits from Lahore Electrical Supply Company SMS Alert Services.

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